The FIG World Challenge Cup in Varna has its first champions

The FIG World Challenge Cup in Varna has its first champions

The FIG World Challenge Cup in Varna has its first champions. In front of more than 500 spectators in the Congress Hall, Igor Radivilov from Ukraine took the first place at Still Rings. The European champion for youths Vincent Hök from Austria got the silver and the representative from Egypt Ali Zahran was third.

Still Rings:

1. Igor Radivilov (Ukraine) - 14,700

2. Vinzenz Höek (Austria) - 14,600

3. Ali Zante (Egypt) - 14,500

Tomas Gonzalez of Chile surprised his competitors with impeccable performance to take the gold medal on Floor. He was the last to compete in the final but managed to keep his nerves to record a score of 14,700.

Second was Petro Pakhniuk from Ukraine, while last on the podium was the crowd favorite Arthur Mariano from Brazil.

"I am very happy. Over the past year, I had trouble getting injured, I had a left ankle surgery, and it was very important for me to restore my self-belief just before the World Championship, which is after a month,"said the happy Chilean.


1. Tomas Gonzalez (Chile) 14,700

2. Petro Pakhniuk (Ukraine) - 14,550

3. Arthur Mariano (Brazil) - 14,450

Andrey Likhovitskiy from Belarus won in Pommel Horse. The 31-year-old athlete, born in the Russian city of Samara, made no mistakes and was rated 14,600. He was the last one to appear on the apparatus. Cyril Tommasone of France did enough to get the silver medal. At the last place of the podium came Jakov Vlahek from the Czech Republic.

Pommel Horse:

1. Andrey Likhovitskiy (Belarus) - 14,600

2. Cyril Tommasone (France) - 14,100

3. Jacob Vlaheck (Czech Republic) - 13,900

In the ladies the day belonged to the Brazilian Rebeca Andrade. She won both gold medals for the day – at Vault and Uneven bars. On the first occasion, the 18-year-old participant in the recent Olympics in Rio, made a sum of 14,800 of its two performances, leaving behind 17-year-old Canadian Shallon Olsen and Slovenian Teja Belak.

"I am pleased. But I will work on some improvements and new elements to add for the World Championship. Yes, it is true that the distance from Canada to Bulgaria and back is quite a lot, but for me it is important to accumulate an international experience that will help me in the future", commented silver medalist Olsen.


1. Rebeca Andrade (Brazil) - 14,800

2. Shallon Olsen (Canada) - 14,225

3. Teja Belak (Slovenia) - 13,900

On a Uneven Bars Andrade also was too good for her competitors. She earned a score of 14,050. The company of the podium was made by the representative of Egypt Farah Hussein and the compatriot of Andrade - Thais Santos.

Uneven Bars:

1. Rebeca Andrade (Brazil) - 14.050

2. Farah Hussein (Egypt) - 12,850

3. Thais Santos (Brazil) - 12,450

Tomorrow's will be held the other men's and women's finals. The starting time is 13:00 and the entrance for spectators at the Palace of Culture and Sports in Varna is free.