Bulgaria with two athletes at the FIG World Challenge Cup Finals

Двама българи на финал на Световната купа по спортна гимнастика

Pamela Georgieva and Hristos Marinov will be playing in the FIG Challenge Cup finals. After their great performance in the first phase of the qualifications, which take place at the Palace of Culture and Sport in Varna, with 4th place in balance beam and 5th in still rings they will be in contention for the medals.

The first performances of the morning qualifications were indeed in balance beam where Pamela Georgieva had a result of 12.650. The Brazilians Santos and Hypolito and the Egyptian Hussein were the only ones who did better than our 16 year old athlete. This is her debut in women competitions.

“I was really nervous before the start but when I set my feet on the balance beam I felt much better. I am really satisfied with the result. After all this is my debut in women’s disciplines. However, I think that I am capable of a lot more. I need to improve my stability. I am looking forward to learning new and much harder exercises in the future. I definitely did not expect to get to the final. I do not think I will be as nervous when I get there”, shared Georgieva.

Hristos Marinov continues to be in the same good shape he has been showing in the last two months with his convincing performance in still rings, earning his second final in a World Cup tournament in a row after doing the same in Croatia.

“That was exactly my goal. My combination is equally hard as some of the best athletes’ here. Only two other athletes had their difficulty set at 6.1. I know that I have a chance for a medal. I just need to play better. I know I can do more and one of my main goals is to practice more additional elements”, commented Marinov.

He gets to the final with 5th place with a score of 13.850. The Ukraine athlete Igor Radivilov who took 1st place with a score of 14.700.

So far, few more Bulgarian athletes performed their sets but could not reach the finals.

Besides Pamela Georgieva in balance beam we have 2 more representatives. Yoana Yankova took 7th place but will not participate in the final since she performed after the qualifiers. Ralitsa Mileva made some mistakes and is 14th.

At the last moment Greta Banishka quit her performance in vault.

Besides Hristos Marinov in still rings performed his brother Isus. In floor qualifications participated Dimitar Burdarski and Dimitar Dimitrov. Dimitrov was finalist in Varna last year, when he was just a little off from getting a medal. This time he couldn’t show his full potential and is below the first 8. He couldn’t get to the final with his pommel horse performance, in which Svetoslav Angelov took part as well.

The afternoon session for all finalists will begin at 15:00. The results of the individual events can be found on the official site of the competition -http://gymnastics.bg/varnaworldcup2017